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The Big Future of Indie Comics

Who Controls the Comic Book World?

Almost all indies today feel the shadow of the big comic book companies: Marvel, DC, Image, etc.

These companies control almost ALL of the market. Not only that, but they control readers’ expectations: What readers expect to see is what these companies have to sell.

But the truth is the exact opposite!

Here’s why:

The Truth

The truth is that that more than 90% of all the comics that have ever been done fall into a tiny niche called Superhero Comics.

The truth is that Superhero Comics are a tiny fraction of what’s possible to create with comic books.

The truth is that comic books can be about anything, in any style, in any genre.

The truth is that of everything that’s possible

The truth is that the ones who are prepared to tackled all that big space of What’s Possible is not Marvel or DC or any of the big companies.

The truth is that Everything Else belongs to us indies!

Imagine the Future

Imagine a future, where you walk into a comic book store, and the shelves are filled with great comics.

Imagine how only one tiny section (4, 5 shelves at most) are filled with the latest Superhero Comics. Imagine how everything else is not: Everything else is fantasy, science fiction, funny, dramatic, tragic, crime, and whatever new genres in comics haven’t been discovered yet.

The truth is that we indies own those shelves, and the Big Companies don’t. We can carve our new styles and new stories to new audiences, while the Big Companies are stuck, unable to move from their niche, because that is what their readers expect from them.

So come on! Stop feeling small! Indies, look at all that land! Let’s conquer the Earth!

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