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Help Us Name Our Podcast!

Hi everyone!

We’re starting a weekly podcast! Help us choose a cool name!

First, let me give you a peek at what it’s going to be about so you can help find the right name.

The podcast will be:

  • A behind-the-curtains look at what it’s like to run and grow an indie comic book company.
  • We’re going to keep it 100% real about everything: the process, the disappointments, the business plans, the comics, the teams, the fans, everything.
  • We will also cover the Comics Empower project weekly, sharing some of last week’s stories.
  • We will also cover the Indie Power Initiative, sharing some info about the latest indie titles out there.
  • We’ll tackle issues no one talks about in comics and keep it 100% real.

So: Can  you think of a really cool name for us? Write it in the comments below!

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