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“I Wanted to Live in a Comic Book World” – David’s Story

Remember why you liked comics in the first place?

Our Comics Empower Project continues!

This time, David tells his story:

I bought my first comic during a family holiday to Wales.

It was the Justice League and they were fighting Starro. At the time I only recognised Batman and since it was the climax of the story, it really did not make much sense.

But that one comic started a love of comics which is still going strong over 30 years later.

Even before I started reading science fiction and fantasy novels and before I started playing roleplaying games, comics transported me out of my own boring life.

I was the stereotypical nerdy kid, thin, wore glasses and was rubbish at sports.

I also had big ears that stood at right angles from my head. All of this made me an easy target for the school bullies. Comics gave me an escape into worlds where the underdog not only got cool superpowers but was a hero. For a long time I wanted to live in a comic book world (sometimes, if I am honest, I still do).

Over the years my interests have changed, though I still remain a geek at heart and I still love my comics. These days I am both a Marvel zombie and a fan of independent comics.

Marvel gives my four colour superhero fix and independent comics allow me to explore strange new worlds from the comfort of my chair. Even with a more hectic life, I still get the chance to escape my life and experience the same delight I did all those years ago.

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