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“I Find Solace in Comics” – Paola’s Story

Remember why you liked comics in the first place?

Our Comics Empower Project continues!

This time, Paola tells her story:

Comics came into my life a few years ago and haven’t left since.

They let me travel through parallel worlds without leaving my seat. I even learn English reading comics, as I do when listening to music and movies.

I was not always a fan, but I enjoy reading them. I enjoy using my imagination. And I often find a solace and a haven in them, when I need a distraction from a hard day’s work or after a tough day in college. They help me find my inner peace.

I like everything related to science fiction, superheroes, zombies, and horror… in short everything that isn’t really in our world.

My favorite superheroes are Wolverine and Captain America. I read them whenever I can.

This world is so fascinating to me that I am studying to hopefully be a part of the creation of comics universe someday.

A few months ago I received a PDF copy via email of a new comic “Wynter”.

I admit I did not have high expectations. But the story resonated with me. I got lost in every sentence, and lost time reading, admiring every page.

Today I can say that Wynter will be part of my collection.

Anyway I was very happy to receive the invitation to participate in this project, so I could tell you a little of my geek universe and express how much I love your comics, New Worlds Comics.

Bye guys!


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