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Inspiring Artists and Writers: Ara Carrasco

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Ara Carrasco is a talented artist and writer, whose graphic novel, a collection of short stories, will be released at the end of 2015.

Ara will share with us the process of writing and creating art. If you’re a writer or artist, hopefully you’ll be inspired by her words.

There are two main ways in which I approach the making of a new story: in a visual way or in a narrative one.

If I start in a visual way, I try to envision beforehand the general shapes, the composition, the rhythm and the mood each page. Every page will be a small piece of the story, and until I get to see that first one, I have got no idea what will happen in the following ones.

On the other hand, when I start in a more narrative way, a leitmotiv comes to my mind and then evolves into something more profound and complex. Each line resonates inside me, unconnected, while I strive to tease true meaning out of them. It takes me a while and some effort to put them together and know what I’m actually trying to explain.

I must say that the kind of stories I write follow very strict, yet unintentional rules. I never thought of imposing any kind of limitations upon myself, but the truth is that all my stories have little to no dialog, and most of the text is corresponds to the thoughts of the protagonist, who acts as a narrator of the ideas I’m trying to communicate.

Once I’ve got the beginning of a story (after some years and effort I’ve learnt to recognize when I have something worth writing) I start sketching very roughly the general panels, expressing the main idea of each one. If the idea has been properly designed in my mind, this first sketch comes out pretty quickly. It’s a completely irrational process. Most of times I wouldn’t be able to explain why I had chosen that idea over the other ones.

Lately I’ve found that the main reason why I feel drawn to a certain idea is that it has something to do with my past. And as I draw panel after panel, I relive the same intense emotions that I have felt at that particular point in my life. Once I get to that phase, it’s “just” a matter of drawing what’s needed in each panel.

Art: Ara CarrascoAra's Work

Art: Ara Carrasco