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“I’ve Been Reading Comics for Well Over 50 Years” – Tony’s Story

Remember why you liked comics in the first place?

Our Comics Empower Project continues!

This time, Tony tells his story:

I first got into comics in the late 50,s reading Dan Dare in my doctor’s waiting room.

I can still remember the mysterious Frank Hampson pictures in the story, even if I didn’t understand the story.

A few years later, as an young teenager I read the usual British comics (Eagle, Boys World etc) and, of course, Superman, Superboy, and Batman.

By chance I came across a Captain America origin comic drawn by Jack Kirby, and, all of the sudden, comics had matured, and I slowly began to be able to get hold of those wonderful mid-to-late 60s Marvel series (all of the series, even the War and Cowboy ones, although I had big holes in my collection, as availability wasn’t that good).

It was the dynamic plot lines, combined with brilliant art. It was orders of magnitude above all the previous boyish stuff. Just brilliant.

I can remember picking up a Captain America book (the first appearance of the Cosmic Cube) and started to read it at the bus stop.

Not paying attention, I got on the wrong bus, but didn’t realise until I’d finished reading, then had to walk miles home as I had no money left. Amazing.

Kirby went to DC and did the excellent  third-world stuff, an I drifted off into Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll, and Punk. (Forgot to mention the Underground comics and mags like Nasty Tales and the Furry Freak Bros).

In the Early 80’s I picked up a newish British comic called Warrior, but that was hard to get hold of, and it packed up.

It had the revelatory new Marvel Man, and V For Vendetta in it. I was sad that it stopped due to the number of superb stories in it.

Stopped reading comics again whilst my kids were young, then introduced them to comics (Transformers, Turtles etc). I got back into comics myself reading the Sandman graphics novels. Such intelligence in the stories.

At one time, when I lived in Southport for a while, there was an excellent Comic Shop called Planet Eater, that I used to frequent, and I’ve continued on and off reading comics to this day. Can’t say that I’m much of a collector, or indeed, want to buy rare and expensive comics. Just love to read them. Just realised that I’ve been reading comics for well over 50 years!!!!!!!!!

I’ve got shelves full of them too.

So, after my kids, my big interests in life have been Comics, Music, Novels and Cycling. How about that? I think its the story linked with the art that makes them so powerful. somewhere between movies and novels.

Dunno. I just love reading good comics!


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