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“My Parents Gave Me Comics to Keep Me Quiet During Sunday Mass” – Marco’s Story

Remember why you liked comics in the first place?

Our Comics Empower Project continues!

This time, Marco tells his story:

I do not have memories of the time when I started reading comics.

It was definitely before I even was able to read, and according to the legends my parents used to give me comic books to keep me quiet during the Sunday mass.

When I was a child I used to read weekly two magazines, Il Giornalino and Topolino (sometimes Popeye as well), which used to publish works from the best Italian comic artists.

If I love drawing and creating comics it is definitely thanks to them, and even in the meantime I have been exploring and reading many other things as well – from American superheroes (Spider-man and Superman above all) to British cult classics like 2000AD to the Franco-Belgian tradition, not to mention more artsy things or the alternative press – my cartoonish drawing style and the kind of stories I write are still widely influenced by them.

During my life I have been exploring also other means of creative expression, above all literature and cinema, but I eventually settled on comics because I feel like they are my perfect way of combining images and words with the purpose of telling a story, conveying a message etc.

With the two projects I am preparing and working on at the moment, a retrofuturistic tale of mercenaries set in an alternate universe and an historical fantasy drama set in the Renaissance, I want to explore certain aspects of the human nature – not exactly the nicest ones – through simple (and hopefully enjoyable) stories, with a certain amount of mystery and adventure, and based on an accurate work of historical research… which is for me a big part of the enjoyment of creating comics as well.


Find out more about Marco at his website or his Tumblr.

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