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“In Hardships I Challenge My Inner Batman” – Jose’s Story

Remember why you liked comics in the first place?

Our Comics Empower Project continues!

This time, Jose tells his story:

Growing up was rough.

I was bullied through junior high and high school.

People weren’t as sensitive to it as they are now, so I needed an escape.

Comics provided that perfect medium.

Through the adventures of my favorite heroes – Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man, I was able to enter a world where a scrawny kid like me could actually be a hero.

I felt empowered and still to to this day.

I admit till this day whenever I face a challenge or get nervous about me, I challenge my inner Batman and it gets me through.

I appreciate comics on a whole other level since from as young as I can remember, I draw.

I started by drawing my favorite cartoons and then branched out into drawing my favorite comic books.

I love the art and it continues to inspire me. Comics also represent my connection to my nerd communtiy, one which I’m proud to be a member of. Long live the comic book medium!


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