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“Comics Show Kids They Can Be Superheroes” – Henry’s Story

Remember why you liked comics in the first place?

Our Comics Empower Project continues!

This time, Henry tells his story:

At heart I am an artist and writer.

Comics in my world have created a plausibility that all things are possible (as the scriptures say) and comics have shown just that; all things can be done.

If you want to learn something, you can; if you want to create something; you can. The world is your oyster, the sky is the limit.

Some of my favorite vocabulary has come from comics.

My favorite word is tenacious, which means to have a drive or keep going. Few historical events have shown such a word in action especially in the last fifty years.

Heroes from comics create a sense that if Captain America or Superman can do it and keep going when they are spent, so can I.

Recently I have seen where childrens foundations have taken the time to allow for some very sick kids to be just that: show that they are superheroes.

So aside from doodling heroes for my kids and telling stories to them at night, playing RPG games about heroes or writing stories I would say that comics have been a great influence in my life, giving me a outlet for creativity, great past time reading and something that I can pass to the next generation.


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