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A Lovely Letter from a Lovely Fan

Some people got Wynter #4  before everybody else, before it hit ComiXology!

And yesterday I got an email from just such a fan. Check it out:

I received the PDF of Wynter #4 and without a doubt this is the best issue of the four. While some, might bemoan a lack of “action”, no chases, no fights. You, Aron and Vincent beautifully capture Liz’s fear and desperation, her lack of hope or a way out. I could almost feel the sweat and tears. It made her more of a real person, not just a teenaged girl with angst and attitude. Alex is still a bastard drone, but he has a conscious.

Just one thing to say *grabbing the three of you by the collar and shaking firmly* I NEED MORE OF THE STORY!!! Uh sorry, went away for a moment but now I’m back.

Thanks you so very much, I love this book and like I said before, you’re one of
the good guys.


Wynter #4 Cover

Wynter #4 Cover

Can’t wait to read Wynter #4? It’s already here!