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“Comics Are in My Blood” – Adam’s Story

Remember why you liked comics in the first place?

Our Comics Empower Project continues!

This time, Adam tells his story:

It was really a natural thing. My kindergarten teacher expressed concern that I would only draw in black crayon.

I figured out early on how to tell a simple story using my Magna Doodle, and my brother and I created epic adventures with our Star Wars and GI Joe action figures.

Comics didn’t really become part of my life until I was 10, but I’d been just outside that particular playground for my whole life.

Once I read that oversized Spectacular Spider-Man annual, the first comic I owned that hadn’t been preceded by a beloved movie or television adaptation, everything fell into place.

I’ve never really thought about what comics really mean to me.

I just think it’s in my blood somehow.

Comics have a somewhat untapped potential to tell stories like no other medium.

Even in this digital age, comics offers grand stories and ideas and an intimate execution.

Comics borrow from literature, film and television, yet the medium still manages to have its own unique identity.

For someone who’s wanted to tell stories his entire life, who’s had a love for big adventures and a knack for one color representational art, comics were just the right fit.


Check out Adam’s Trench Coat Samurai comic book series, and follow him on Twitter.

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