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“My Mum Caught a Glimpse of the Cover and Was Less Than Happy” – Gary’s Story

Remember why you liked comics in the first place?

Our Comics Empower Project continues! 

This time, Gary tells his story: 

I grew up reading UK comics like the Beano, the Dandy, The Broons & Oor Wullie – all typically Scottish releases but my first real american comic actually came from a Marvel UK reprint in The Exploits of Spider-Man which I picked up when I was about 12/13.

It had 60’s stories, 80’s stories & early 90’s stories like Spider-Man 2099 and that range of titles really sparked my interest.

Being a teenager reading about a teenage Peter Parker trying to find his way just seemed to be a timely discovery.

Shortly after that I discovered Total Carnage which was another UK collection from Dark Horse with the likes of Batman Vs Predator, Army of Darkness, The Mask, etc all involved… much darker and violent, maybe, but at ages 12, 13 it was cool as hell…

The Cover Mum Didn't Like

The Cover Mum Didn’t Like

I didn’t really read beyond issue #2, thought, because my mum caught glimpse of the cover and was less than happy… Shot myself in the foot with that one.

That led to me exploring the wider comic book world and reading as many back-issue American comics of any type with any character I could get my hands on. The 90’s were a pretty busy time for new comics as Image Comics was launched and I spent hours in comic shops & second-hand shops near home that held some bargain issues.

I collected thousands over the years and while I migrated from one title to another and back again. I still enjoyed the escapism that it offered into a whole new world.

At this time it was very much a solitary hobby which I could share with some people but was always something I had for myself.

While mainstream comics still entertain me and were the first spark of interest it’s now the Indie comics from across Scotland, the UK and beyond that make up the majority of my reading list, partly down to me starting the Comics Anonymous blog with friends and more recently taking this over myself.

The writers, the artists, the colourist, the letterers & every other aspect of comics has become more obvious as crucial elements and the Indie scene just seems to capture the limitless possibilities for stories and how they’re told.

The recent surge in comic book popularity with movies & TV shows has made comics more acceptable.

But it’s the Indie scene that’s converted that into a far more social hobby as I’m in direct contact with talented people that I just want to ask questions of any time I see them – mainly along the lines of “when’s your next issue out?” or “What else you working on?”


About Gary: I’m a Glasgow-based comicbook fan who started Comics Anonymous as a review/blogging site for the DC New 52 reboot at first but this quickly became an outlet for my thoughts/views on Comic Con’s, Movies, Indie Comics & more.

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