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“As I’ve Grown Older, So Have My Tastes” – Jay’s Story

Remember why you liked comics in the first place?

Our Comics Empower Project continues! 

This time, Jay tells his story: 

My first experience with comics was when I was in my early teens and I picked up a bunch of Marvel’s War Machine issues.

I have always been a big reader and comics opened up a whole new way to experience fantastic story telling, aided by incredible artwork and populated with fantastical character’s, comics offered something regular books just couldn’t for me at the time.

From there I was hooked and as I have grown older so have my tastes.

While superheroes are all well and good and great fun to read I tend nowadays to pick more mature comic fiction.

Creators such as Alan Moore and Scott Synder have really inspired me to want to create comics.

I think its never to late to become a comic creator or a comic fan (or both) and I enjoy little more than witnessing people realise there is more to the comic world than heroes and spandex and that its a medium that’s growing faster than ever and becoming excepted within mainstream culture.

Find more about Jay at his blog or on Twitter.

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