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The Art of Asking, Amanda Palmer, and Comics Fans

I just saw Amanda Palmer’s TED talk and it made me think of you, the fans.

If you hadn’t seen it, it’s awesome and thought-provoking. Here it is:

How does this pertain to comic book fandom? I’ll tell you!

In her talk she describes how her fans treated her with kindness, open hearts, and surprisingly open wallets, when she was just starting out. And the bigger she got, the bigger this phenomenon got.

Now let’s look at the comic book fans we know. I’m not talking about my fans. I’m talking about all of us, including myself as a fan.

We are so quick to cut, so quick to burn people who make one thing we perceive as a mistake. So often, looking at the forums, you see fans saying something along the lines of “This writer/artist did such and such and I WILL NEVER LOOK AT HIS THINGS AGAIN!”

So: How is it that fan behavior is so different?

It couldn’t be just Ms. Palmer’s approach to her art – we’ve got so many artists and writers in the industry, at least some of them must be doing something right (from a fan point of view).

Is it that we’ve grown accustomed to behave this way?

Is it that music is one thing and comics another and therefore behavior must be different?

Is it that this is how a left-brain fan behaves vs. a right-brain fan?

Or is it something else?

And does it have to be the way it is?

Can we be more like that?

Do we want to be like that?

I’d really like to know what you think. Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

Let’s Fall in Love: Meet Kioshi

We’ve got the Time Warriors series coming soon!

Let’s continue to meet the team and fall in love!

Meet Kioshi. 

Here is how the script describes him:

KIOSHI. M. 19. Japanese. Kioshi means ‘pure’ in Japanese, and Kioshi is an artist in a world that has no place for artists. He is delicate, sensitive, not very strong, and loves music. Whenever he can, he finds time to play a piano or a guitar. Is the thinnest of them all.

Here is his concept art:

Art by: Juan Manuel Almirón

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Special Offer: Wynter!

Welcome to the digital revolution!

We’ve been getting such great reviews from everybody that we’re doing something unprecedented!

Our flagship title, Wynter, is available in ComiXology, and the trade paperback is due in January, 2015.

But we’re offering Wynter for free download right here. Why? Because this is the digital revolution and we can.

We’re so sure that you’ll love it so much you’ll come back to pay.

“The best science fiction comic on the shelves.” – Adventures in Poor Taste

“The surprise science fiction hit of the year!” – Geeks with Wives

“The best sci-fi comic on the market today.” – Living Myth Media

“This sci-fi thriller is one of the best in the market.” – Fortress of Solitude


Age: Wynter is for ages 15+













Did you know? Our artists and writers get a large cut of every dollar you pay, because we believe artists should live off their art. Choose to pay the artists:

Pay as much as you want















Show your support! Choose to pay the artists:

Pay as much as you want














Show your support! Choose to pay the artists:

Pay as much as you want


Artist's Sketchbook: Wynter #1

Artist’s Sketchbook: Wynter #1













Show your support! Choose to pay the artists:
Pay as much as you want

Calling All Indies!


So you’re an indie comic book publisher? Me, too!

There are hundreds of us small fries out there on the web, and we each have a very small following.

We are not competing with the Big Guys. We’re not even in competition with each other.

Let’s work together, unite out power, to become something larger that would benefit all of us together!

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Our Manifesto


What makes New Worlds Comics so special? Here is New Worlds Comics’ manifesto:


Top-notch original stories. We’re dedicated to originality and quality.

A story is a writer’s dream. The essence of a story comes from the very core of the writer. One writer shouldn’t handle another’s story. One writer, one story – all the way through.

All stories have endings. A series that doesn’t have an ending won’t have a middle. It will tread water in the same place, as many comic book series do. The middle is an exciting part of the story. As is the ending, even if it’s sad that it is the end.

Some series will end after 12 issues, some after 50. Some more. But all will end.

You should take nothing for granted when you know the story won’t go on forever. Change is guaranteed. Anything can happen.

A second series of a story, a prequel can also happen in New Worlds Comics. But characters and worlds will change as stories continue. Time does pass. Characters do die or change. All stories end.

No continuity. We’re here to create new worlds, not one new world. Each title will be true to its own continuity but will not be a part of other titles’ universes.

Only the best artists for us. Graphic artists should create art, not product. Our comic books are art, not a product.

Artists should be treated as artists. It’s hard making a living as an artist. Artists should be paid each time someone buys their art, regardless of having been paid for doing the work. Every time you buy a comic book, the artist and writer of that work gets a very nice percentage.

Women are heroes. In New World Comics, most (not all) of our titles will have women as the protagonists. If you think women can’t be heroes (super- or otherwise), look out the window. Female secondary characters, even in titles that have men as protagonists, will also be real women. Check out Liz Wynter in Wynter #1 to see what we mean.

What Is New Worlds Comics?

New Worlds Comics is an independent, digital-comic-book publisher. We’ll be available in the Apple app store on Feb. 26, 2014.

Our comic books are only available digitally. You won’t find us in stores, because there are no print copies. Right now, we’re premiering on the iPad. Within a few months, we’ll be available on the iPhone, then Android, then the web. If you buy a comic book from New Worlds Comics, it is yours forever, regardless of what device you use to read it. You can store it on your device or just download it again for free whenever you want.

Why are we only digital? Being digital allows us lower costs of production. This translates immediately into two things. The first and most important is artistic freedom for the writers and artists. We can tell stories no one else can. We can create comic books that are art. We can let our imagination go free, we can bleed on the page, we can shock you and make you laugh and cry without ever pandering to the lowest common denominator.

The second advantage of being digital is that the artists can be treated as artists. The artists get a percentage of any profit any time you buy one of their books. If a book becomes a best-seller because the artist did a great job, the artist is compensated for that appropriately. The same is true for the writers and the writing.

We’re new. We’re starting out with two titles. As the year progresses, we’ll introduce more titles.

If you like our titles, tell your friends, talk about them, post about them, let people know. And remember to drop by again to read more of your favorite comic books and to check for new titles.

In the next few months we’re going to start rolling before you new worlds, new adventures, and new stories. We have big surprises in store.